Exeter, probably the best University in the world

Sun, sex and no parents #unay


Whilst the current onslaught of exams may be taking many of you to the brink of a meltdown we thought  it time to take a step back and remind you why coming to Exeter was the best decision you have ever made.

First of all, the summer brings opportunities that no other real uni could possibly complete with.

Yeah Plymouth have beaches and stuff to but our degrees actually count for something.

Here in the West country we have the amazing array of beaches as well as temperatures miles higher than any shitty northern hole you probably had as a backup.

The dirt cheap train to Exmouth makes boozy days at the beach not just possible, but fantastically easy.

Combine this with the fact that our exams finish earlier than pretty much anywhere else and the possibilities are endless.

If you came here for 3 years of nothing but study maybe this doesn’t appeal to you but for everyone else 3 years of sunny beach days whilst Durham are stuck in the freezing cold is just another example of why Exeter was the best decision ever.

Exmouth at its finest

There’s some boring stuff too – our rankings are going up and up making Exeter one of the best universities in the country.

Unlike many of the polys that exist in the vicinity we actually have a decent chance of getting a job when we leave. Always a bonus!

So in exchange for about 6 months of work in final year you get 2 and a half years of effortless fun and a career.

This sounds like a pretty decent exchange if you ask me.

Classic Exeter grad looking swag

Love it or hate it you also have to admit that the comparatively small size of Exeter is a massive bonus in many aspects.

By your final year of uni you will know the vast majority of people that you have anything in common with/would have sex with.

In a uni of 50,000 students the chances of getting to know everyone are pretty slim.


Finally, ‘Sexeter’. We have come to what is easily the most sexed up uni in the country and no one judges.

Girls and guys can all go and sleep with whoever they like and not worry about it.

Everyone has at some point woken up in the wrong house with only an array of fancy dress to put in for the dreaded walk of shame but here no one cares.

You’re completely free to have a liberating stroll home in the early hours dressed as a clown without receiving any abuse or filthy stares.

After all, the locals don’t come near campus.

It’s not a real party if people are still wearing clothes