Onlooker: AU Dinner

The great and the good of Exeter’s sporting contingent take to the Castle for one night only

Cambridge can keep their May Ball because at Exeter we have something just as exciting and this time it’s filled with high-achieving, rig-diculous athletes.

The most glamorous night of the year is upon us and we’re getting a little bit excited.

At £38 a ticket this is not a night for any riff-raff but a special event for the great and the good of Exeter University Sport.

Think Queen’s Garden Party meets Olympic Village and you may start to understand the night that will unfold.

Here are a few snippets from last year just in case anyone in unsure of what to expect.

Mr. Benedict Beebee and Mr. Thomas Jordan lead the way

Mr. Oliver D’Erlanger and Miss Sarah Morris

Mr. Henry Adams addresses the gathering

Another group of attractive young ladies party in style

Mr Jack Saxton and Miss Hollingworth. One of the many hot, young couples there for the night

As the night progressed Mr Tom Roach and Mr. Mark Siddorn show that man love is always a good thing

Showing that you can be dressed like an elegant young lady and still have fun

EULC: Keeping things classy as always

High calibre guests remain relaxed and unaware of cameras

Couple of Sabbs look completely relaxed at being surrounded by so much perfection

Always one letting the side down…