VIDEO: I went to a crazy Spring Break party on an island off Texas

We went looking for the ultimate, stereotypical Spring Break…and we were not disappointed in South Padre.

Summer in the UK is pretty sweet…but it doesn’t come close to this.

The island of South Padre in Texas is known around the US as being one of the messiest and loosest Spring Break destinations for college students.

So, as a group of exchange students we thought this would be the perfect place for a Spring Break just like films and MTV have tempted us with.

The keg stand, another bizarre American college tradition

Back in Albuquerque we had already discovered the wonders of an American beverage called Four Loko, that for just $3-odd, in just one can provides the drinker with 12% levels of alcohol, a tremendous (and short lived) lift in spirits and energy,  and a severe case of the shakes the next day.

Being poor students, this was essentially our drink of choice for the beach and pool parties, and was the main culprit for the fuzziness of the entire week.

Too many Four Lokos

The beach and pool parties were undoubtedly the best part of Spring Break. Due to there being no open container laws on the beaches, everyone there was free to get good and drunk from midday until the early evening.

During these day parties, anything goes; from huge, stacked frat “bros” chanting at girls to flash their boobs, to occasionally shouting renditions of “U S A, U S A!” and hoisting up already wasted girls to do keg stands.

The girls often did flash, in exchange for mardi gras beads  (fantastic deal), and the day that we brought a Union Jack flag to the beach incited an increase in the aforementioned chants.

Literally anything goes on the beach

That is not to say that Americans didn’t like us. Americans LOVE Brits, or, well, anyone with an accent, and there were people legitimately losing their shit upon hearing my friends and I speak.

Needless to say, my guy friends did very well for themselves, approaching girls with literally any conversation starter that would invariably be greeted with “OH MY GOD, WHERE ARE YOU FROM?!”

This resulted in lots of free beer being given to us, much to our delight.

After day drinking, I would try to sober up for a couple of hours before getting back on it to go out clubbing, however much to the dismay of my motherly side, my friends mostly did not; it’s fair to say that, as a collective, we were basically drunk for an entire week.

Some very merry exchange students

Nevertheless, we (somehow) made it through the week in more or less one piece, and no one got arrested or died, so I’d say it was an all-round success.

On the one week that underage Americans can fully let loose outside of a fairly shitty house party back at uni, they definitely know how to party and take advantage of this, and if anyone ever has the chance to experience a proper American spring break, I would recommend it highly.

Just don’t expect your liver to be in good shape afterwards.

This article was originally published on The Tab Exeter.