‘Goldilocks burglar’ jailed for stealing student laptops

“Goldilocks burglar” Mateusz Stec jailed after stealing laptops from Exeter University student home.


Mateusz Stec, known as “the Goldilocks burglar” after raiding a students’ house and tucking into pork chops and wine, has broken into another student home – this time to steal two laptops containing important coursework.

Exeter student and editor of Exepose, Josh Gray, had been working until 2am finishing his work on both his degree and the student newspaper.

Stec entered the house in the night and stole the laptops, belonging to Gray and his friend, from the front room – just days after being released from jail.

Mateusz Stec

He was jailed for 15 months by Judge Elizabeth Rylands, who told him: “These two laptops were worth £800 but their value was so much greater to the students because all their work was on them.”

Stec told police he had had no memory of breaking in as he had been celebrating his birthday with a friend. He is now be deported to Poland by the Border Agency.