Minecraft Marathon!

Charity summons gaming fans to support worthy cause.

The ‘no make-up selfie’ can move over as fundraisers are calling on all geeks to participate in a 24-hour stint of Minecraft for charity.

In what must be the nerdiest fundraising event ever to hit the South West, the Minecraft Marathon is set to virtually build the University of Exeter’s campus.

The event has been created by Brain in Hand, a national award-winning company based at the University’s Innovation Centre that focusses on Autism and reducing anxiety for sufferers.

To celebrate National Autism Awareness Month, which runs throughout the whole of April, the marathon is one event in a series of fundraisers that have been organised to raise money for the National Autistic Society, Ambitious about Autism and local radio station Positively Autistic.

Let’s hope no-one drops a TNT mid-build…

Brain in Hand’s Mentoring Services Manager, Emma Flint said: “We wanted to celebrate National Autism Awareness Month by showing how technology connects people in so many different ways, echoing the collaborative nature of Brain in Hand. There’s a huge Minecraft community online that we’re already talking to, and the game is widely respected in the autism community.”

The nerd-fest, sorry, ‘Minecraft Marathon’ starts at the Innovation Centre at 10am on Wednesday April 2 (World Autism Day) and is inviting anyone who wants a valid excuse to unleash their inner geek.