Infamous Top Top Timepiece Ledge scrapped amid accusations of elitism

Students campaign against the ledge, claiming it promotes violence and “top top hierarchy”

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Exeter students have succeeded in their campaign to ban the notorious ‘ledge’ on the third floor of Timepiece.

Plans are now underway for the ledge to be merged with the dance floor, with the third floor being closed off for construction.

Sports social members that typically occupy the ledge

The students in question, a group of third-year Psychology students claim the ledge encourages an elitist mentality which they have dubbed “Top Top hierarchy”.

We spoke exclusively to the campaign leader. *Kate – who wishes to remain anonymous – explains how several of her friends have had traumatic experiences with the ledge.

Student have been “violently pushed off” and “shoved” by members of social sports teams, while one has reported receiving a “black eye”.

Kate states that “as a whole, we have nothing against the sports socials that take place at Timepiece. However, when people are repeatedly being abused in the name of occupying a section of the dance floor, we will exercise our civil liberties.”

The venue on Little Castle Street

The group launched their appeal in September of last year, and have been in talks with the venue’s management team since January about levelling out the ledge to meet the dance floor.

It seems that their tireless campaigning has finally pulled through.

The manager of the venue on Little Castle Street issued the following statement this morning: “In the light of recent controversy surrounding the top floor of one of our establishments, we have decided to enact construction to level out the dance floor and ledge.”

He added “We do not condone violence in any way, and will always work to meet the needs of our clientele.”

The ‘violent’ behaviour that the ledge appears to promote

The move has been met with outrage from Exeter’s sports clubs. Netball social secretary Indigo Hull said “I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news – where will the netball girls spend their Wednesday nights with no ledge?!

“To say I’m outraged is an understatement.”

Construction on the venue will begin as of today, with the third floor being reopened on the 7th June.

This of course means Timepiece will be operating on two floors throughout May – including the night following AU dinner.

Kate was elated with the campaign’s success, saying “It may be a simple act of refurbishment, but for bridging the gap in social hierarchy, we have come a long way.”

Check the date guys…