Happy Easter!

The Tab team are at home stuffing their faces with chocolate right now, but you can keep track of the latest student antics on tab.co.uk

The students of Exeter have headed home but fear not, our fearless team of student journalists will be back in time for next term.

The latest crazy antics, edgy features and hard-hitting opinions can still be found over the holiday by visiting tab.co.uk.

The top 5 articles from 2014 so far:

1. I’ve shagged over a hundred blokes but I’m not a slut

2. An open letter to the ladies on Exeter’s campus

3. Tips from the bar: how to not get served

4. I need feminism because I’m a bit average

5. The life ruining stages of a hangover

This term we called on the Uni to stop kow-towing to the whims of the press, followed the rugby fresher wearing ones for lent, found the Forum library on a gay cruising hotspot website, and asked the Guild candidates some REALLY awkward questions.

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