Fives Loser heads to Exeter

Edinburgh University in response to Jack Banister’s famous trip across the border before Christmas sent their own lucky fresher on the 24 hour round trip from Edinburgh to Exeter and back again.

edinburgh exeter uni Fives Fresher

Six Months on: same game, same journey, different Fresher. We’ve been following Harry’s journey with keen interest.

Here’s all the action from the crucial Fives match in Edinburgh.

The fresh-faced Harry started his journey ambitiously by employing the age-old hair of the dog trick having been given a drop of Newcastle Brown Ale by Newcastle University Hockey Club.

Harry seemed to be enjoying his journey early doors and even struck up a friendship with his train neighbour. He looks rather smitten.

Stirred on by his breakfast, he struck up an early bond with his ticket manager and took this selfie with the Peter Griffin doppelganger.

Harry was not especially impressed with what Sheffield and Birmingham had to offer: not the “green and pleasant land” he had come to expect.

Goodrich then struck up conversation with Bristol hockey club, who you may well remember kidnapped our very own Banister on his journey before Christmas. I wonder what they have up their sleeve this time round!

His meeting with Exeter University hockey club was a brief affair. Unfortunately the train, due at 14:49 was slightly late in arriving.

Fresh faced Harry meeting the Exeter welcome party

When the somewhat bemused looking Harry finally arrived, members of the EUMHC greeted him and promptly whisked him off to the Impy for a quick lunch and even quicker pint.

The Exeter Party with Harry.

Alex Williams, EUMHC Social Sec, was charged with briefing Harry with the plans for the next 20 minutes.

Alex Williams (EUMHC social sec) greeting Harry at St Davids. 

The Exeter boys had prepared a few presents for Harry. Jack Banister, the Exeter fresher who could relate to Harry’s situation, also brought some personal gifts inspired by his previous experience of the long return journey.

Some of Exeter’s treats to pass the time no the return journey.

Asked what was the highlight of his trip so far, he said “definitely my selfie with ticket conductor”. Clearly it’s been a riveting trip thus far. Social Sec Ally Williams added that “the event keeps growing year by year and there’s no doubt a few surprises to come on the return journey”

Harry doesn’t look best pleased with his new EUMHC tie


True Gents that they are, the EUMHC gave Harry flowers AND chocolate

Whether or not this is the last we here of Harry’s journey I’m not sure, but I doubt it’s the last we’ll here of this game that has brought these two far flung hockey clubs together in the most unusual way.