Tab TV Sessions: Alex Matthews ‘The Sax Man’

The Tab’s exclusive with BNOC nominee Alex Matthews; a third year Geography student who’s this years Exeter Red Bull rep, and the resident saxophonist at Dirty Beat- Thursdays at Mosaic.

Alex Matthews Dirty Beats Mosaic TabTv

So how long have you been playing the saxophone?

I’ve been playing the saxophone since I was eight, I’ve always really enjoyed it and it’s been great playing down here.

Alex Matthews in action

Where could we see you play in Exeter?

I play at Dirty Beats every Thursday at Mosaic- best night in Exeter! I’ve been doing that for most of this year now and one of my good mates James McCue is involved in running it.

Some of the Dirty Beat family; James McCue, George Orman and Alex Matthews

I also have a big event coming up this Saturday 22nd at Exeter Phoenix for Blowout. I’ll be supporting XXXY this time which will be great, I’m looking forward to seeing them. At the first Blowout event I was supporting Eton Messy, which went incredibly well, there were loads of people and it was a great night, Exeter Phoenix is a great venue for it too.


Have you got any other events lined up for the summer?

Last summer I was lucky enough to be playing out in Marbella which was a lot of fun. At the moment I am working as Exeter’s Red Bull rep this year, and we have teamed up with Thick as Thieves for their Hijacked festival which is on May 29th. We have also teamed up for an event on June 2nd called RUMSPRINGA which is a collaboration of Exeter’s more extreme societies. So I have some great events lined up already.

Alex, The Tab loved hearing from you and we look forward to seeing you in the future!