Scientists set to visit Parliament

Exeter scientists to pitch research to MPs in prestigious competition.

Scientists from the College of Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences have entered a prestigious competition that showcases the work of research scientists and technologists.

The ‘SET for Britain’ event hosted by Andrew Miller MP is expected to see a large number of parliament’s finest attending, including Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw, and members of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee.

The competition requires the entrants to produce a poster to explain their work, and then involves competitors attempting to explain their research to ordinary individuals.

This might come in handy…

The prizes are awarded based on how well the audience (which is comprised of non-specialists) can understand the research.

Dr Michael Hammond and Dr Albert Chen from Engineering will be presenting on CORFU, A.K.A their ‘Collaborative research in Flood Resilience in Urban Areas’ (no, not the Greek island, unfortunately) which is a project aiming to aid cities across in Europe and Asia in becoming more flood-resilient.

Dr Michael Hammond has described the competition as a “fantastic opportunity” that will allow himself and Dr Chen to represent the University, which is important as Exeter’s MP will be present.

This competition is also open to PhD students and Charles Downing, a Physics PhD student at Exeter, will be presenting his research into the properties of ‘Dirac materials’, which he has carried out in corroboration with Proffesor Mikhail Portnoi.

We wish Charles and Prof Portnoi, as well as both Dr Hammond and Dr Chen, the best of luck… Let your inner geek run wild!