Exeter Nightlife: Best and Worst dressed

Searching amidst Exeter’s nightlife, Tab Fashion once again hunts the best and worst dressed amongst us.


Headwear can make or break an outfit, unfortunately these statement pieces overshadow the rest of their outfits.

With a mixture of denim, lace, print and block colours, these girls show us how to mix and match!

Tie dye t-shirts-best saved for the ‘cool’ indie kids.

A quirky choice of statement accessory, nevertheless it works!

This headband is super cute, and we also love this plunging lace neckline.

Sometimes, less is not more…

An interesting clothing choice for a Monday night out, unfortunately beige is never right in our books.

Unfortunately, the low rise jeans mean this top just shows off too much for us!

Caesar Flickerman, is that you?!

Yes they both may be smashed, but boy can they dress well.

This outfit choice may be adventurous and bold, but that doesn’t make it right.

We love this nude sequined top, full marks from us!