What the shoe says about you

Your shoes say more about you than you think – read our extensive guide here

Buying shoes can be a long, arduous process as there is so much choice and we believe that a shoe really can say a lot about you.

Take the latest hype, an old favourite that has become increasingly popular again in the last year, the Nike. If you’re wearing a pair of these, chances are, you’re v trendy.

Then you have those who have tried to move away from the pack. They head into Office looking for a new shoe, hoping to be slightly ahead of their peers, shoes that are a smidge different but still cool. These people tend to come out with a pair of New Balance.

Some people decide comfort is key and go for the slipper disguised as a shoe, the UGG. These shoes and many others have jumped out at us as being particular favourites in Exeter and so our question is, what does your shoe say about you?

The deck shoe

Popular with a small number of Exeter boys, the deck shoe speaks volumes and gives off the ‘twenty going on middle aged’ vibe.0

These bad boys are usually accompanied by a crew polo tee, a daringly colourful pair of chinos (red seems to be a hot choice) and a cheeky grin.

They say, “When I can, I like to cruise down to the Isle of Wight, hop on my rib with the boys and a couple of chicas, crack open some beers and just let the b*nter flow…”

The wearer of these shoes can often be seen having a ‘chilled one’ at TP, or having a jokes time at the Impy. They throw boozy dinner parties and can frequently be heard comparing family crests on their signet rings.


The funky flip-flop

Ah the flip-flop wearer. These airy shoes say “for me winter is non existent, I say fuck the cold, these shoes complete my overall ‘chillah’ image, I must endure, whatever the weather, or my look wont be complete. As captain of the EUFRC, I like to think of myself as a bit of a BNOC.

“Most of my time is taken up on campus, handing out fliers, trying to rally the troops to come to the next big game. You’ll find me sporting these with my stash kit (and chatting up some lady friends. ;)) If there’s a nip in the air, my two favourite accessories would have to be my 4play flat cap and my Exeter Uni trackies.

“I like to think that I give off the “hey guys, what’s up? I do love my sports/the gym but don’t be fooled, partying is my prerogative” kind of feel.

These old favourites exude a vibe that is easy going and scream surfer chique…flipflopz4life.

The high heel

Admittedly you would be hard pushed to find a gal walking around the forum in heels, but take a trip to Arena on a Tuesday and you will find yourself immersed in gaggles of girls in heels.

The heel tends to be worn by a lover of Cheesy Tuesdays and is paired with teeny, tiny denim daisy dukes and a crop top or the classic bodycon dress from Boohoo.

The heel wearers tend to be found in a large group of girls as they move in a pack, whether it is to totter up to the loo’s or to shake their hips on the dance floor, before selecting their prey for the night.

Constant updates of their wild antics can be found all over social media and photos are guaranteed to have a rustic filter and plenty of hashtags. #heels #girls #night #out #best #friends #forever #prinks #drunk #love #life etc…

The Air Max

The Air Max has become a staple must have shoe for anyone who either dabbles in or is fully immersed in the hip house scene that has recently become the new fad in Exeter.

They are an ideal choice for someone who isn’t quite ready to go all out edge, but still wants to be a part of the poss.

They say “Recently I’ve started to get pretty into my music. For me it’s gotta be all about the deep house and some sweet nineties remixes. Thank fuck for Soundcloud ey?”


You can often find an Air Max wearer busting some moves at a house party or tripping balls on nos. Normally worn with the Air Maxes is a statement indoor beanie, which goes really well with a cropped tee. Thursday Mosaic is definitely a top hang out for these cool cats, where they can be found raving and misbehaving.

The Nike sports trainer

This trainer is normally bought in a shockingly bright colour and worn by devoted gym bunnies.

They come paired with some fitted Nike gym leggings and a matching sports top, with a pristine, swinging pony tail to complete the look.

You can find these girls gossiping in their favourite haunt, the Kitchen Deli, normally buying a ‘diviiiine’ smoked salmon salad or a  ‘yummy’ wrap, all washed down with a Naked smoothie. Wearers of this sleek trainer can often be seen perusing through a Women’s Health magazine or just gliding up the Forum hill to the gym.

When not wearing gym kit, you can see these fitness gurus showing off their svelte physiques on a night out, usually in some skinny jeans and a polo neck crop top, sipping on a double vodka lime soda, or a ‘skinny bitch’ to some.

The shoe of a mature student

These sturdy ‘n’ sensible devils can normally be found on the harder to find, mature student.

They read “I’m a practical kind of guy and I like a shoe that fits in with my lifestyle. The grips on the soles and the subtle brown colour, sends out the signal that I’m a man with a plan. I’m here to get a job done.”


You won’t find this guy nursing a sore head in the morning from one too many at TP but you might see him cracking into his Tupperware box on a bench outside the forum, enjoying a turkey sandwich (left over from Sunday’s roast) and a crunchy apple.


Ugg…aka bear feet

A classic excuse usually made by the wearers of these is “my mum bought them for me” or “it’s just that they are soooo comfy.”

The reality with the UGG is that the wearer is still living in the past, reminiscing about the carefree prep school days of their youth.  A few years ago, UGGs were a staple wardrobe must have for thirteen to fourteen year old girls.

These furry friends were normally accompanied by a neon tutu, a Squid or leavers hoody and some essential fluorescent rave paint. Now you can often spot a girl plodding up the hill in her UGGs, because for some, comfort is key.