Extremely expensive Exeter

New survey brands Exeter one of the least-affordable cities in the UK.


Surprise surprise, Exeter is named one of the most expensive cities to live and no, it’s not because of the drink prices in Timepiece.

In the survey published by Lloyds Bank Affordable Cities Review they looked at the relation between annual earnings and average house prices, with Exeter showing a huge difference.

Exeter featured in 11th place, with neighbouring Truro being named 3rd as house prices are nearly nine times the average wage… So if you’re thinking of staying here post-graduation, you better have some top dollar.

Is it worth paying for the privilege of seeing this every day?

Estate agent extraordinaire, Richard Copus said “Truro and Exeter are lovely cathedral cities and continue to be sought after…They both have a good sense of community, are not too big and have got the facilities. Basically, they have got a bit of everything and it drives up demand.”

Of the 20 least-affordable cities in the UK, 17 are from the South, with Lichfield, Leicester and York being the only ‘Northern’ cities to make the list.

Oxford and Winchester came in respective first and second, showing that while they may have funny accents up North, it’s a whole lot cheaper to live there!