Decor panels and jam hampers?! Student essentials my arse.

exeter uni shop market place student shop The Forum

The Market Place – the forum shop we all love to hate, but still waste half our student loans in anyway.

In many of The Tab‘s recent trips to the purple and pink overpriced outlet (mostly for energy drinks and 75p packs of biscuits) we’ve noticed an array of products that are just useless crap. Like really.

The biggest lie around.

So if you’re looking to waste a tenner or just look like a massive plonker, here’s our guide to the worst stuff you can buy in the Market Place.

Because who DOESN’T need 4 decor panels in their life?

All you need is a picnic blanket and you’ve got yourself a library date!

ONLY £25?! Bargain of the century…

Nothing says unay pride like a stoned dog teddy…

If you buy anything from this stand, you are a mug

The ULTIMATE procrastination?!

For when one type of preserve is just NOT enough!    

Sure, make yourself at home. The libe is open for 24 hours after all…

Because normal ham flavour would not be good enough…