Library fines worth £80k

Library fines are rising, with this year likely to exceed £80,000.

The Tab has learnt from a freedom of information request that nearly £80,000 worth of library fines were recorded last year.

A confused young man looks concerned about his fiscal situation post-fine

This figure has risen from around £63,000 in 2011 and 2012, whilst a staggering £31,638 worth of fines were recorded in just over a month at the beginning of 2014.

This equates to nearly £5 per student in library fines in 2013. There are 16,900 total students according to University Figures.

This figure does not contain the amount of unpaid fines.

Probably a more appropriate sign than the ‘Library information desk’

As nearly £32,000 worth of fines were taken by February 4th this year, it is likely that the total fines paid this year will easily surpass last year’s total.

Jonathon, a 3rd year Economics & Politics student, said: ‘It’s absolutely ridiculous – just another attempt by the University to extract more money from students.’

Chris, a 3rd year Law student, had an alternative view: ‘Most students are so lazy – I always get my books back on time and so should you’.

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Total Fines Paid:

2010/11 – £62,762

2011/12 – £63,574

2012/13 – £78,874

2013/14 (to 4 Feb) – £31,638