I need feminism because I’m a bit average

Because aggressive feminism is just the worst…


Before I even start writing, I want to just say that the vast majority of non-independent minded people should stop reading now as you are going to disagree with everything written here.

If you are one of those people who really believes that woman are chronically discriminated against and that there were WMDs in Iraq, then really – just stop.

For those of you who haven’t yet been brainwashed by aggressive campaigning and who therefore have a slightly more open-minded approach to life, then please take a minute to read what I have to say.

As a woman I’m beginning to get mightily pissed off by this in-your-face feminism that is apparently socially acceptable these days.

Women have become convinced that any mistake they make, job they don’t get or reputation they gather is entirely down to gender. Well, face up to it – that’s bollocks, and the more you feed young, impressionable women this shit the more they will believe it.

The hilarious thing about feminism these days is that by pushing the case for feminism they create a glass ceiling that gets harder and harder to break.

The more our beautiful, intellectual and strong-minded women are told that failures are not a part of life but part of being a woman, the more they begin to believe it.

Call me crazy but how on earth can a girl be expected to aim for the stars if she’s told she’ll only fail as a result of sexism?

Underachievers everywhere!

Undeniably, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have an inspirational mother who used her natural abilities to climb the ladder in a male-dominated environment without a single A-level to her name, a young family and a mother who didn’t support her.

Inspirational stuff indeed – but if a woman with no official qualifications is intelligent and confident enough to work her way up from a secretary to head of a trading desk at a major city bank in the 1980s then why the hell should our young students at a top university today be told it’s not possible?

This brings me on to my next major problem with modern day feminists, and that’s this assumption that beautiful women should not be happy with their beauty and always aim for more.

Apparently women should be able to do anything they want as long as feminists approve. If women should be able to have any career they want, as far as I’m concerned, modelling, be it catwalk or glamour, is still a job.

Degrading objectification at its worst

David Gandy isn’t slated for objectifying men, so why should the fresh-faced cover of British Vogue be told she should be aspiring to have an academic career when at 17 she’s being paid and having fun as a result of being gorgeous?

So here it is: disagree with me all you want (and I’m sure you will) but for the rest of my life I for one, will not be blaming my failures on my sex, but will be constantly looking to improve myself so I can be the best at whatever I do, regardless of gender.

For those that disagree: Enjoy a life spent complaining, making excuses and underachieving.

For the rest: See you at the top.