Tablature: Volume 2

Here’s the next edition of our latest discoveries to soundtrack your library sessions

Since the last edition I’ve been looking for an artist worthy of following Tchami, sadly I’ve been unable to find one. So for this edition I’m just going to throw out five tunes I’ve been especially enjoying in the last couple of weeks.

The first one out the traps is ‘Giving It All (Bill & Will Bootleg Remix) by Bondax’.

Released last month, this track has a bit of everything. Building sharply, briskly landing you in the deep end and giving off a superlative feel good vibe.

One to enjoy now, one to cherish come summer, one to come back to.

Secondly comes ‘Soul Satisfaction by Bit Funk’, another quick builder, with next to no vinyl being wasted, a great value for time track.

Instantly addictive, offering catchy vocals, catchy melodies and more than a couple of reasons to get your heels tapping.

It really is a ‘does, tin, says’ job, I can cringingly say my soul is at least gratified having heard this.

A slightly (much) older track next; which, sadly, my ears have only just been afforded the pleasure of experiencing; Be Mine by Lane 8.

Even ignoring the more than slight age on this number, I feel a duty to share it with all of you, or at least the very few of you left who have not yet encountered it.

Coming off the Ajunadeep label, as have so many tracks worth of merit, it’s one of those tunes that is more than suitable for any time, any occasion, any mood.

When these criteria are all fulfilled it’s usually a strong indicator of future success. Lane 8 have been closely followed, yet they’re still one to watch, expect bigger and better things.

My next offering is ‘Dance With Me (MK Remix) by Le Youth. Mark Kinchen, better known simply as ‘MK’, has taken a reasonably decent track and worked it into a tune worthy of a fair few plays.

An extremely tough skill, yet he’s done it before and I’m sure he’ll do it again. Best described as a funky/bouncy bit of high paced tech house. Something different, something worth a listen.

The final, the last, the ultimate and also the ultimate track I have for you is of course ‘If U Got It (Magician Remix) by Chris Malinchak’. Taking just the right amount of time to warm itself up, softly bringing in (and out) soothing layers of smooth vocal samplings and soft finger tapping beats.

Once at climax all those sounds you were previously teased with are carefully brought back in and woven together to create a really special sound. To put it simply, it just feels bloody well right.

This track leaves absolutely nothing to be desired, It could not feel more natural.

All the tracks, previous and future Tablature volume playlists can be found on the official Tab Soundcloud page:

As always, above all else, I hope you’ve enjoyed the music. If there’s any track or artist you believe to be deserving or wanting of featuring in ‘Volume 3’, get involved and send it over to The Tab’s Soundcloud.

Until next time.