Spend or save: Topshop versus Primark

Looking for a new outfit, but not wanting to dive into your over draft? Comparing Topshop to Primark, Tab Fashion has the answer

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It’s beginning to get to that point in term when our student loans are running low,  and our shopping funds are running even lower.

As a result, Tab Fashion trawled through the rails and racks of Topshop and Primark to find similar looking pieces, at very different prices.

Whether you’re willing to splash out or wanting to save a few quid, here’s our ‘Primarni’ lookalikes:

The Square Trend

We love this square patterned Topshop design, priced at £28.00

With the square patterned trend being hugely popular right now, you can find it for less without splashing the cash.

Find the square trend at Primark, with this shirt priced at £10.00

The Pink Midi Skirt

The Topshop Bubble Jacquard Midi, priced at £48.00

Either opt for the pricier Topshop Bubble Jacquard Midi Skirt, priced at £48.00 – or find a simpler style for much less at Primark,  priced at only £12.00.

The Primark version, priced at £12.00 

Floral Tea Dresses

The Topshop Petite version for £45.00

Looking forward to some actually decent weather when Spring rolls around? Get ready for the sunnier days with floral tea dresses.

The Primark version for only £15.00

Coca Cola Jumpers

The Topshop version for £22.00

Both Primark and Topshop have a host of tees and jumpers with the famous Coca Cola logo.

The Primark Coca Cola jumper – for only £10.00

Monochrome Patterns

Topshop’s Mix Spotted Shirt, priced at £32.00

Although the Primark version is much cheaper, the Topshop shirt looks effortlessly chic and stylish.

You can find Primark’s monochrome heart top for only £10.00

Hexagon Jumpers

The Topshop Knitted Hexagon jumper, priced at £36.00

The Primark version, priced at only £8.00

Denim Dresses

The Topshop denim dress, for £38.00

One of Primark’s denim dress designs, for only £12.00

Make a Statement

Topshop’s loud slogan tee, priced at £16.00

We love Primark’s take on the design made famous by the fashion designer Alexander Wang in September 2013.

The Primark ‘Parental Advisory’ jumper, selling in-store for £12.00