In defence of the Ledge

Responding to Jonny Buck’s slating of TP’s Ledge, EUWHC fresher Lottie Winnett has her say

The Ledge the tab the tab exeter tp

The ledge – where Jonny Buck is obviously not comfortable. He blatantly got pushed off last week and has not come to terms with this experience. For this I can only say: man up.

This guy can’t work out why people are hating on the ledge. Wednesday Timepiece provides opportunities for athletes to throw some moves, but it is on the ledge where athletes can truly shine.

Hockey and rugby teams maybe find this auspicious place so attractive because it offers the chance for them to show off their immense leg strength, battling to stay on for as long as they can.

This guy can’t work out why people are hating on the Ledge

The weedy netball girls, meanwhile, get repeatedly pushed off due to their lack of clothes and pitifully small legs.

Pushing: this is what separates the boys from the men. The men will glide through, to the awe of on looking ladies and coolly arrive at the ledge.

The boys, however, will shove, push and get angry, and descend down to the mediocre music of middle floor, defeated and with their tails tucked between their legs.

When asking about ledge experiences, a couple of unexpected answers arose: Firstly its description by our very own Aussie as “the Shelf” – lost in translation, perhaps?

Those who make it to the Ledge are always rewarded

There was also this pearler from Kathryn Lane: “Where better than the ledge to find your future husband?” But she speaks truth, ladies.

Here you will find displays of stamina, strength, friendship and, most importantly, commitment to the ledge.

Now, to the issue of ties: they are the ultimate pulling agent. A hottie in a blue shirt and green tie is sure to be a gent walking you back and a beast in the bedroom. Girls, the only question is who to choose?

Just a little taster of what’s on show

So it is less of a case of pulling, and more of a case of which man will be chosen. Only the ledge could provide a Hunger Games-esque twist at the end of a night.

And so, as your mother would tell you: if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Alternatively, if you don’t like the ledge and don’t play sport,  don’t go – and save us all the hassle of having to listen to you whinge about being pushed.

<3 Ledge