Reasons why this weather is shit

Flooding around campus and streams down Stocker Road? I’ll stay at home, thanks

market place prince of wales road rain stocker road The Forum umbrella weather in Exeter

The Stocker Road Stream


As if this hill could get any worse

The hill we all love to hate anyway has just become that much worse.

If you’re not dodging the streams of water gushing down the hill, you’re walking into someone who also has their scarf wrapped around their head.

Oh and by the time you get to the top, not only are you soaked but you’re sweaty as well. Fab.

The Forum Can’t Take It

Great use of Exeposé there!

While you’d normally head home after your lecture, the howling winds and constant drizzle have made you seek refugee inside.

However, just like you, the Forum isn’t quite prepared for this weather. From people in the library getting leaked on to a total lack of wet floor signs, you’re probably better outside than in.


Do us all a favour and leave these at home

Yes, they are practical and waterproof footwear BUT man, are they ugly. Plus, when people finally get inside, the ear-piercing squeaking noises they make as they walk around are bloody annoying.

Everyone’s Ill

The combination of the cold weather, diets of winter comfort food and close living quarters of student life has meant that, once again, everyone and their gran is coughing and sneezing all over the shop.

Not only are lectures now a competition to the front so you can actually hear the lecturer over the sniffing and moaning of your fellow students – but you’re also half-tempted to invest in a face mask to avoid catching the lurgy yourself.


I always wanted green walls…

You know that small patch of damp in the corner of your room? Remember when it was just another part of the charming decor?

Well, now it covers your entire wall and has brought its friends mould and mildew with it. Don’t bother calling your landlord, they’ll tell you to ‘leave your windows open to let some air in’.

Fat lot of good that’ll do with all this rain.

Crap Umbrellas

A) When their umbrella breaks, people just seem to drop them in the middle of the pavement and saunter away.

B) Nowhere actually sells strong enough umbrellas to withstand the gale force winds, the Market Place included.

C) Abandoned umbrellas are just a bit sad to see to be honest.

The Prince of Wales Road Puddle

A realistic representation of what could happen

Inconsiderate driver + unsuspecting student = something YouTube worthy. Pretty funny to watch, not so funny when it actually happens to you.