You know you’re an Exeter fresher when…

Yasmin Coutinho gives her take on life as an Exeter fresher

Exeter Fresher the tab the tab exeter

1. You wonder why everyone wears flip flops – even when it’s not sunny


2. You don’t have the foggiest clue where ‘Amory Moot’ is – thus avoid going there at all costs

3. You sometimes struggle understanding generic Exeter lingo: “She’s so pipey!”

4. You try extra hard befriending other Holland Hall freshers, ‘cos you know there’ll be a possibility in the future of prinks there

5. The one thing you purposely don’t tell any of your home friends is about the great student club (aka school disco at Exeter): the ‘amazing’ Lemmy

6. Feel really proud if you can answer ‘yes’ when people ask if it’s the NEW Lafrowda you live in

7. Submissively obeying your elders at socials and proudly down every drink even though you’re certain you will chunder sooner than later

8. You soon realise Exeter should instead be named ‘The University of Surrey’

9. Bring seven pairs of heels to uni to realise you will never wear them in the year

10. You’re still using the pens you bagged at Fresher’s Fair as your official stationery source

11. You feel really cool walking around in your Exeter University hoody with your Original Sin or 4Play events lanyard hanging round your neck

12. You realise the norm is for your fellow freshers to have been on a ‘gap yah’, and feel left out when you don’t have a Thailand cover photo on Facebook.

13. You were always quite proud of your AAB A-level results – until you came to Exeter and met the Oxbridge rejects telling you about their A*A*A*s

14. Getting with people every TP Wednesday without remorse