“Manure” flood water causes health scare

Sewage and animal waste mixed into flood waters expose the public to numerous harmful bugs and illnesses

Health officials urge people to take precautions against dirty flood water, which could have been mixed with human and farmyard waste.

Samples of flood water have been likened to a water cooler blended with two teaspoons of horse manure.


Experts are warning those who have been hit worst by the floods that they could come in contact with a horde of symptoms including fever, stomach pain and diarrhoea.

A recent test in Somerset discovered that the flood water is “dirtier than the Thames”- yet not as bad as normal sewage.

If you are unable to avoid contact with flood water, ensure that you wash your hands.

Professor Virginia Murray, University of Cambridge, warns that: “Any food preparation areas must be washed. The most important thing is not to eat any food or drink that has touched flood water.”