PM on tour: David Cameron drops by student hotspot

The PM stops by the Exeter area to check out the damage caused by recent weather

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Following the recent weather – with 80mph winds, all-day rain and 35ft waves battering the west-country’s coastline – David Cameron arrived in Dawlish this week to inspect the level of damage across the Devon region.

Arriving in a 4×4 Land Rover (don’t get stuck in those floods, David), the Prime Minister met with local dignitaries to discuss the town’s railway route, which was torn apart last week when part of the sea wall collapsed.

David looking like he’s dressed for Wednesday TP 

Commenting on the railway, Mr. Cameron said: “It is absolutely vital that it will reopen as soon as possible. It is a vital artery for the whole of the South West.

“It’s an incredibly beautiful and scenic piece of British infrastructure. It has got its challenges by the weather but we will bring all our resources to bear to make sure it can be open and running and working for the entire peninsula.”

Not even a drug-fuelled house-party does this much damage

Elsewhere in the Exeter region, sandbags barricaded the front-doors of dozens of coastal homes last week in Topsham, prompting local residents to comment on the community’s Blitz-like spirit.

In Teignmouth, after waves reportedly rose as high as the buildings constructed on top of it, there were also concerns over the structure of the town’s pier, which appeared to be allowing water through.

 Sleeping on the job, Mr. Cameron? Tut, tut.

Appealing to the rest of the UK population, Mr. Cameron told local reporters: “Devon and Cornwall and the Westcountry is open for business and open for tourism. People should still be coming to stay on holiday and opening businesses.”