Ratatouille runs rampant

Wet weather causes rats to seek refuge.

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As if this weather wasn’t enough bad news for Exeter residents, we are now being warned that the extreme wet outside could lead to rats inside.

For most of us this is nothing new: we’re used to finding a fat slug or 12 in our kitchens but with more than 7,500 homes hit by the recent storms, rodent infestation could become a major issue.

In previous floods, call-outs to pest control companies have risen by more than a quarter and numbers are set to increase further as the rain continues to lash down well into next week.

Not quite the cute and loveable Disney chef…

Rob Simpson, Managing Director of a pest control company, said: “They will try to find some sort of dwelling to live in – it can be garages or sheds or even lofts to get away from the water and the knock-on effect is more infestations in homes.”

Second year student Philippa Maxted recently found this diseased beastie trapped in her kitchen  and said: “I pulled the fridge out, got the flashlight up on my brick phone and shone it down the side of the back of the cabinet and saw something fluffy.”

Experts are warning homeowners that once the rodents manage to get in they’ll be at it like rabbits and unfortunately, treatment of rat infestations can be extremely specialised and complicated.

They’re coming, they’re coming…


Professional pest control is recommended if you start to hear squeaking under the floorboards, even if it can be rather expensive and time-consuming to kick them out.

Still, we know the temptation was unbearable when your landlord said no pets allowed – but becoming the Pied Piper and keeping a personal army of rat babies really is one step too far.