Student accommodation burglar banged to rights

Exeter thief that targeted student accommodation is jailed.

Homeless man Gareth Preston has been sentenced following a post-Christmas raid on a converted grammar school building in New North Road.

The 31 year old was caught red handed ferreting through the student accommodation by the maintenance man on January 5th… Yes you read that correctly, he was not collared by Estate Patrol or the police, a maintenance man literally walked in on him.

Students returned to a not-so-happy new year, finding their rooms had been riffled through, with gold and silver necklaces, a watch, cash and a single cufflink (found in Preston’s pocket) being stolen.

Exeter Crown Court

Prosecutor Gordon Richings said “the building as a whole was entered by the removal of a wooden door panel and the door of the female student’s room had been forced off its hinges.”

Preston, who obviously isn’t very well adapted to being a master criminal, had only been released from jail 3 weeks previously and already has two previous convictions for domestic burglary.

Totally unable to deny his crime, he ‘fessed up to three burglaries and has been sentenced to 29 months in prison by Exeter Crown Court.

So those of you who keep mountains of jewellery in your rooms over the term breaks can sleep easy once more… Phew!