The Prohibition Ball: Unprohibited access

In the build-up to RAG’s Prohibition Ball, Maya Mills caught up with one of its organisers, Jack Hughes, discussing speakeasies, twenties jazz and nipple tassels

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Maya Mills (MM): First of all, Jack, give our readers a brief outline of how this event came into play?

Jack Hughes (JH): We realised that we needed a new headline event to replace the SSB. We identified a gap in the market for both time and theme that would hopefully allow us to start a new legacy.

MM: And who apart from you has been involved in initiating this new legacy?

JH: Five of us who applied to be on the headline event committee were interviewed by two RAG entertainment officers. We then got our heads together to decide on the main theme.

MM: The theme is 1920s prohibition in America. How did you begin to come up with this very original idea?

JH: We took into account the recent craze of Gatsby-themed parties and combined this with our own ideas along the lines of vintage dress and jazz culture. The name of the event also lends itself quite aptly to the prohibition of the SSB Ball.

MM That’s interesting. It sounds like you’ve done a fair amount of research?

JH: We looked into the idea of Speakeasies that grew out of the Prohibition. Speakeasies are an underground bar where illicit drinking and flamboyant parties took place.

MM: So we can look forward to a night of glitz and decadence?

JH: Absolutely. The decadence begins as soon as you enter the driveway of the Phoenix. The idea is that by the time you’ve arrived at the bar you’ll feel immersed in a 1920s world of glamour.

Every way you turn there will be something to catch your eye – be it nipple tassels, flapper dresses, customised drinks and a taste of twenties jazz.

MM: It sounds very impressive. Do we have anyone to thank for sponsoring this extravagant night?

JH: Our main sponsor has been PWC. Warwick stage and lighting company have also sponsored our event.

[The] Real McCoy are also supporting our event through offering a 10% discount to all ticket holders, so there no excuse for not wearing your jazziest bow tie.

MM: So what makes The Prohibition Ball worth the added premium over a night at, say, Itchy Feet?

JH: For a start, we have a range of music spanning from the 1920s to the 2000s. There will be a progression of music throughout the night to help the party move with the times, ensuring there is a genre of music to satisfy your tastes.

If dancing isn’t your thing, then there is plenty organised to keep you occupied around the bar area. All [to] be unveiled on the 7th!

MM: The logistics behind the event sounds like an awful lot of hard work and organisation?

JH: It has proven quite challenging, but the guys have done a great job from making and releasing the promo video to organising the decors and acts on the night.

MM: Yes, your appearance in the promo video was almost Oscar-worthy. (Joke.) Thanks for disclosing as much as you could with us, we now have incredibly high expectations!