The Dos and Don’ts of wearing a beanie

The Tab’s definitive guide to wearing edgy headgear

Beanies.  Oh how we all love them.  They’re the perfect one stop solution for an array of problems, from horrendously bad hair days to the continuous drizzle of rain we’re all so used to.

However, with the rising popularity of the humble beanie, some people seem to have become reckless with how they wear them.

Therefore, here at Tab fashion, we’ve come up with a guide for the dos and don’ts of wearing Exeter’s most popular accessory.

DO wear it when it rains

The perfect low-effort accessory.

Gale-force winds mean an umbrella is rarely a good choice when it rains in Exeter.  So to keep from looking like you just stepped out of the shower, pop a beanie on to keep those roots dry!

It’s also a great way to cover up any morning-after-the-night-before hair or greasy roots for those 9am lectures.

DON’T wear it when exercising inside

This is just silly

We’ll never understand those of you who sport these to the gym or exercise classes.  If you’re doing it right, you’re going to sweat, and nobody likes a sweat infused beanie…

But DO wear it when exercising outside

Great for the current cold weather!

While the weather’s still a bit nippy, be sure to don your beanie when exercising outside.  It’s a great way to keep warm on your early morning run (more like ‘power walk’ for some of us).

DON’T wear it to bed!

This is just too far now

Yes, we know, you love your beanie soooo much, it makes you looks so edgy and hip, you want to do everything in it.  Although it may keep you warm, you’ll just look ridiculous.  There’s just some situations a beanie is not made for…


It does make quite a good makeshift eye mask, perfect for if you live on a well it, busy road! 

DON’T wear it in the shower

The perfect makeshift shower cap? We think not…

Yes, we’ll admit, it does make quite a good shower cap for those of us who don’t like to wash our hair every day, but use with caution.

The steam levels could cause significant shrinkage in your beanie hat, causing it to perch EVEN HIGHER on your head than before,  now that really would be a fashion disaster!