The “Apocalypse” is coming…

The South West has been predicted an “apocalyptic” storm that will cause havoc over the weekend.

The Met Office has predicted that an “apocalyptic” storm with heavy rain and high winds will take place at the start of the month.

Surfing forecast website ‘Magicseaweed’ has renamed the storm as “Hercules take two”. It is thought to be a sequel of the storm that caused mayhem at the start of the month.  There are worries it will be just as damaging, dangerous and “similarly apocalyptic”.

Image taken at 6am, 30th January, by Eumetstat Meteostat

The storm is predicted to create 30ft waves that will hit every 19 seconds at the peak of the storm.

The Met Office said: “The public should be aware of possible disruption, primarily due to further flooding, chiefly in areas already, or recently, affected.”

They added: “Winds will increase on Saturday, with gusts widely to around 50-60 mph, and perhaps to around 70 mph in exposed parts of the north. Additionally large waves could overtop coastlines. The public should be aware of these hazards.”

The storm started in the Gulf of Mexico, before travelling across the Atlantic- where it strengthened- and heading to the South West.

Coastal towns and villages are yet again preparing sandbags, desperately trying to protect their properties from the uncontrollable storms.

The storm will hit at the same time as spring tides, which means many waves could cause havoc on harbours.

This January is the wettest on record for parts of Devon since Met Office records began in 1910.