Six Nations: where to watch

It’s the first weekend of the Six Nations! But where should you watch? Our sports ed gives you his run-down…


Arguably THE rugby pub in Exeter. If you can deal with the tacky Australian décor and the strong smell of Cider-black still lingering in the air from a Wednesday then Walkabout presents a good option.

Unless you’re unlucky enough to bump into our own Sports Writer Jack Banister, you shouldn’t have to deal with any loudmouth Aussies either.

A middle of the road venue: 5/10

Certainly walk about before choosing to watch it here

The Imperial

Ideal spot for a Six Nations all dayer

Without doubt the best place if you want to start early: I’m not sure what’s more inviting after a heavy Friday night, an Impy fry up, or the prospect of the Welsh losing to Italy at the Millennium.

As one of the oldest and biggest Spoons in the country, the atmosphere is sure to be buzzing and at £2 a pint this classic venue scores 8/10

The Black Horse

Ideally located at the top of Longbrook Street

A dark horse if ever there was one. With student discounts on drinks and food and big screens throughout, you will be guaranteed a good view of the rugby, and with friendly bar staff to boot this pub ranks a better than steady 7/10

The King Billy

Looking as idyllic as ever

Ahh, the King Billy, aside from the fact you might have to convince the landlord to turn over from Gillette Soccer Saturday, the local clientele would best be described as volatile.

On a Saturday with accumulators on the line and Exeter City FC in a horrid run of form, my advice would be to steer well clear.

Redeeming features are few and far between but at least you could tick it off your Exeter bucket list. 1/10


We all know that spawny git whose managed to wangle tickets to see the game live.

Console yourself with the fact they only sell non-alcoholic beer in the stadium and at 5 euros a pint, this would be an expensive and very sobering mistake for your friend to make.

For this reason alone, I’d limit the Stade de France to a mere 6/10

Allez Les Bières.

The Front Room

Is there anything better than hurling abuse at Steve Walsh in the comfort of your own living room knowing it won’t make an ounce of difference but that he’s ‘still a useless twat?!’

Line up a crate, and if it all goes horribly wrong then you can still drown your sorrows in a booze-fuelled trip to The Lemon Grove.

I’m sure the Christian Union handing out water will be more than sympathetic listeners to your diatribe on the terrible decisions that have ruined the Six Nations.

Comfortable, affordable – 9/10

England will be hoping it’s hugs all round come Saturday evening.