Exeter’s celebrity lookalikes: girls edition

From Hollywood actresses to TV presenters to full-on royalty, we’re here to give you the lowdown on Exeter’s best female celebrity lookalikes. Guys, hold onto your semis – it’s about to get uncanny up in here

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Rose McLachlan: Kate Middleton

This second-year Theology student has the dimples (and unbelievably glossy hair) of our very own Duchess of Cambridge.  Now Rose doesn’t have to suffer the strain of having a sister of pert-bottomed popularity.

However, every time she walks into the Forum she does have to bear people breaking into rapturous applause, crying “MY GOD, SHE’S BEAUTIFUL! LIKE PRINCESS DIANA BUT BETTER!” – and then wrestling with her conscience as she decides whether or not to do the royal wave.

Sophie Hansom: Jessica Alba

Handsome Hansom, (also known as ‘flawless, perfect angel’ to her friends) needed to be on here just for being so damn good-looking all the time.

And with her year-round tan and (probably) impeccable acting abilities, she makes a pretty good Doppelganger for every guy’s favourite actress, Jessica Alba.

Olivia Powell: Olivia Palermo

Palermo was on ‘The City’, the spin-off series to ‘The Hills’ where everyone thought she was a massive bitch. But she also has a really fit fiancé and amazing style, so we thought it was only fitting to compare her to another Olivia – the impeccably dressed and lovely Olivia Powell. POW.

Siobhan Hartigan: Holly Willoughby

This ‘Siobhan’ girl has been stopped on the street multiple times in her home-town of Oxford by eager 11-year-old boys convinced that it’s that ‘fit Holly Willoughbooby’ (genuine fact, not even made up for this feature).

Now I don’t personally know her very well – although she keeps bombarding me with friend requests – but judging by this picture it IS pretty uncanny. Shame the resemblance doesn’t reach the cleavage department.

Lydia Hartley: Eva Mendes

This glowing goddess of a first-year student has made quite an impression on her fellow freshers. Is she Hispanic? Little bit Latina? They don’t even know.

All Lydia knows is that wherever she goes, she leaves in her wake a trail of gold dust and hushed murmurs of “Eva Mendes…holy SHIT, that’s Eva Mendes!”

Issy Millett: Julianne Moore

This one barely needs introduction. Let your eyes feast on the auburn-locked glory before you. So uncanny are this pair that Julianne’s agents have been in touch about some kind of duo act. It’s all very hush hush at the minute: but we should be expecting some sort of Millett-Moore-all-singing-all-acting extravaganza to hit our screens very shortly.

Samira Davidson: Vanessa Hudgens

In between starring in multiple films and batting off Zac Efron’s unrelenting advances (“We can watch ‘17 Again’ on our first date!! SAMIRA, PLEASE!”) Davidson is in her final year of Sociology and world domination.

Really, she’s Hong Kong’s answer to Hudgens. Except without the annoying voice and better in every single way.

Liv Bryan: Jennifer Lawrence

Aside from being a Cellar Door regular and generally radiating cool, Liv has the same eyes, mouth, nose and hair as Jennifer Lawrence. As the hottest Hollywood actress going right now, there’s worse people you could be compared to.

Just don’t piss Liv off, she’s just out of Hunger Games training and very handy with a bow and arrow.

Jojo Rouse: Denise van Outen

Jojo is blonde, fun and blonde. There is nothing that separates this pairing aside from a very slight age difference and a divorce from a Broadway actor.

Although she’s not a major TV personality just yet, Jojo has bags of charm. So when Denise van-ts Out of the showbiz world (embrace the pun) Jojo will be right there to take her place.