Dirty pervy people: Arena bouncers in student sex filming scandal

First-year student shamed by bouncers following passionate clinch in fire escape

| UPDATED exclusive
  • Students caught SHAGGING by bouncers in Arena fire escape
  • CCTV footage jokingly SHOWN to queuing students on bouncer’s phone the following night
  • Latest chapter in the ‘SEXETER’ saga

It was supposed to be a quickie in a discrete alcove of one of Exeter’s most popular nightclubs.

So imagine the horror when on her return to the club, a fresher saw footage of her encounter the previous night shown to queuing punters – by A BOUNCER.

The doors to Arena are often hosts to queuing – but film screenings?

These shocking scenes occurred last term at Arena, the Luminar-run venue on Summerland Street.

The Tab spoke exclusively to the first-year Middle Eastern Studies student caught on camera – who described herself as ‘stunned’.

Describing the CCTV footage, she said it “involves me stumbling in to the fire escape, hands clasped with the lad, my back pushed against the wall and a lot of making out and eventually my shorts being undone.

“It’s the second half I’m more worried about, as that’s when it as I remember it got a bit more physical.”

The alcove where the steamy encounter occurred

These events are the latest in a series of blows for Exeter students.

In November 2013, Elina Desaine, a third year Computer Sciences student was crowned the UK’s ‘horniest student’ after describing her sordid activities to seedy student dating site Shag@Uni.

Beating off hundreds of applicants to win the title, Desaine, 20, won £500 cash, a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, a crate of alcohol and a year’s supply of condoms.

Desaine, who refers to herself as ‘Slutvian,’ moved to the UK from Latvia aged six. She has also nicknamed her university ‘Sexeter’.

To ensure she can have sex whenever she wants whilst at Exeter, Desaine told Shag at Uni that she had five or six sexual partners.

Elina was subsequently summoned to a major disciplinary meeting by the university.

Hello again Elina

Earlier last year in January, filmed CCTV footage of a blowjob in the Ram was circulated via WhatsApp and made international news, leading to the unlucky couple being dubbed ‘Blowmeo and Juliet’.

The Tab received the video at the start of 2013 and took legal advice, when we decided we could not publish the video. In this particular set of circumstances, there was legal precedent, thanks to Z-listers Calum Best and Lizzy Jagger.

We asked our readers whether you thought we should publish the video. An overwhelming 83% of you thought we should.

A screenshot from the notorious video, as published by The Daily Mail

Despite numerous attempts to contact them, Arena’s representatives were unavailable for comment.

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