IKEA to be assembled in Exeter

Plans are being made to assemble an IKEA in Exeter

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Flat-packing fears are over as planning permission for an IKEA in Exeter is granted.

The unanimous decision was made by the city council’s planning committee in less than an hour, which decided that the new store will pop up off the A379 between Sandy Park and Newcourt.

£60million will be spent on the store, and an annual turnover of £52 million is estimated by 2018.

Head of the planning committee Phil Bialyk reports that this will make Exeter an alternative to Bristol in the region and “will make the city first for shopping.”

Discussions have taken place to ensure the city capitalises on opportunities for people to shop in both IKEA and the city centre. John Harvey, Exeter city centre manager, reports “’it’s a boost for the city economy as a whole.”

Manager of IKEA for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Gillian Drakeford, is also delighted with the plans, recognising the “significant contribution an IKEA store will bring to the local economy.”