Exeter Club Safari #2

Once again, we journey into this well-known habitat and record our observations for your intrigue and enjoyment

Club Safari the tab the tab exeter

Exeter’s clubbing scene: the dark and dangerous plains where creatures great and small interact in an almost ritualistic manner.

The randy lion stalks his prey, using jungbombs and charm to lure them into a false sense of security and, hopefully, his lair. The barely-acclimatised antelope attempts to move up the Timepiece foodchain – only to be intimidated by its overpopulated grounds.

As the mating hours draw to a close, we can observe the mammals pair off two by two as if on a journey to Noah’s ark. However, it is often the Buffalo that is left to fend for itself, usually seeking refuge in cheesy chips and/or doner kebab refreshments.

Anddddd TWIRL ME!

Form an orderly queue, ladies…

Look at them GNASHERS

‘Why aren’t the ladies loving this?’

Looks like she’s suffering from VK-overdrinkus

‘LET THE BASS DROO-oh shit…’


I wouldn’t take this one Walkabout

Catching up with the Lemmy’s resident Lothario

Sometimes it is customary for chimps to groom each other

#ohmygod #areeeeeenaaaaaa #sowasted

There’s something special in that Aussie water

And then there’s Tom, upholding the fine Tab reputation as always