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University of Exeter unveils its plans for the Sports Park’s short-game practice area

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Good news for all you golfers out there: University of Exeter has revealed plans for a short-game practice area up at the Sports Park.

Made out of all-weather synthetic material, the practice area is aimed at improving the facilities for University of Exeter Golf Club, currently ranked the best in the UK.

“One of the issues we’ve got is really being able to focus on short game,” says Nick Beasant, Assistant Director of Sport at University of Exeter.

Behind the Rubber Crumb: the likely location of the practice area

“We’ve been going up to Bristol and Cumberwall Park [near Bath], but with travelling and doing a short game training once a month, just doesn’t cut it.”

However, whilst the Golf Club will benefit most from the installation of the short-game practice area, it will also be open at certain times to the general public.

In future, astro-users may be hearing cries of ‘Fore’

“Other universities have their own golf course and their own short game practice area,” says Beasant, “so we approached the R&A and they offered us a £20,000 grant.

“The grant from the R&A dictates that at certain times of the year, members of the public have got to have access to it as well.

“We’ve also been doing a load of fundraising with our golf alumni, so we have our annual golf day […] and the University is putting in the rest.”

For EULC, there are also plans for a hitting wall