Exeter Beggar Spends Night in Student House

Charitable Exeter student invites local beggar into his home for the night

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Late on last term, Exeter was hit with an instance of absolute benevolence and pure charity.

In keeping with the festive season’s generous mood, fourth year Matt Stephens went a step further than sparing a coupl’a quid for one of Exeter’s homeless and gave our saviour something to really smile about in the lead up to his day of birth.

The Thursday evening in question started in formulaic fashion for Masters student Matt: a late decision to go out followed by a couple of looseners and a stroll on down to Mosaic’s ‘Dirty Beats’ offering.

However, after a good few ales and a couple of sips of sherry, it was only on his bleary-eyed route home that things started to stray from the ordinary.

Matt Stephens (left)

Matt recounts: “While I was walking past BHS, I noticed that someone was rustling around on the floor on the steps outside.”

Enter Pete, an ex-serviceman making himself at home outside the storefront.

After a few minutes conversation and an unconfirmed game of chess, an offer was made to buy Pete a Subway.

After the two had eaten, Pete bid his goodbye to his kind benefactor saying he was off to find a shelter to sleep in.

It was then that Matt rejected this plan and insisted that Pete would be welcome to stay the night at Matt’s student house.

Where Matt stumbled across Pete

There are many young men who would make it their objective to find some form of companionship after an evening on the tiles, but it may be a stretch to claim that this situation is what most would have in mind.

When home, the new pals shared a nightcap before Matt offered up his room for the night.

Despite Pete’s warning that he often wets the bed when he’s had a few drinks, Matt remained unperturbed and intent on carrying out his good deed.

Not wanting to be presumptuous about their new union, Matt assures us he didn’t share the bed with his guest.

New Castle Brown Ale: why aye

Come morning, Matt rose to a renewed sense of gratitude from Pete, and some rather confused and concerned expressions from his housemates.

Pete was offered some breakfast before he was sent on his way, but instead he opted for a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale.

Speaking retrospectively, Matt expresses a sense of ambivalence over his kind act.

While he would describe it among the strangest of things he has ever done, it is after all a victory of the human spirit.

All he need do now is wait for karma to catch up with him.

After Pete left, Matt had to light about this number of candles