Things to do other than revise

Revision is bollocks. Do this instead

Christmas is over, the relatives have gone home and suddenly you realise the excuses to not revise are running out along with time. Well never fear, here at the Tab we’ve got your back, so just in case you couldn’t think of anything new or exciting here are a few little pointers to set you in the right direction.

Start a new series

Yes, yes, we all know this is pretty much the original form of Internet-based procrastination but if it aint broke don’t fix it. Recommendations include Archer, Revenge and Community

Get ready for the Danger Zone of TV shows


A quick lunch with your friends is possibly one of the best ways of writing off a whole afternoon without feeling guilty. After all, you only get to see your home friends during the holidays so no point wasting it. A quick pub lunch has the potential to turn into an all-day catch up/drinking session and any student to turn this down should be ashamed of themselves


Summer job applications

So yeah it’s a little more tedious than the other suggestions here but it’s a magical way of combining no work and having a successful day. This applies to all year groups at uni, because unless you already have a job you really should be looking. This can range from a grad scheme to a bar job just do something so employers don’t think you’ve wasted 3-4 years of uni getting drunk and doing no work.


Tinder is genuinely one of the best tools for procrastination that has ever been created. No matter how you use Tinder, whether as a casual ego-boost or an all-out dating app this beauty has the potential to go far. Potentially my favourite hobby from this festive season has been working on my chat up lines. So far there has been no competition for ‘Are you a fan of Star Wars? I only ask cos yodalicious’.

Or just be a grammar Nazi…


This phrase was introduced to me by a good friend who absolutely swears by it. Having finished 3 different series over the duration of one deadline I turned to him in desperation and asked where on earth to go from here. His response was simple and inspiring. Indeed it seems impossible to believe that this is not a more common method of procrastination because there are no negative side effects (just don’t be the guy that wanked himself to death). Recommendations include Pornhub, Redtube and Xvideos.