The Five Loosest Places in Exeter

Looking to get a little loose post-exams? If so, The Tab gives you its lowdown of where to lose your plot.

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5. Arena

Whether gracing it on a Monday, Thursday or even Cheesy Tuesday (I know, some people actually go), there is no doubt that a healthy dollop of the old sauce will improve your night.

Sticky floors and a smell not unlike a hunk of mature cheddar dropped on a radiator mean anyone not absolutely battered when they get in will do an instant U-turn and storm out, muttering darkly about the shit Exeter nightlife.

Under the influence all objects become very heavy

4. Mosaic

Once again, Monday and Thursday nights are prime time boozing in ‘Moz’ and, with 2-4-1 cocktails and an endless supply of VKs, one does not expect to wake up from a night with much memory.

Add in the proximity of Golden Horn and, aside from an explosive alcopoo, your body will be screaming obscenities at you the next morning

Spot the drunks

 3. Top Top Timepiece

While perhaps not as outright boozy as some others, there is no denying that Wednesday night on the top floor of TP is as close to a festival mosh pit as Exeter is ever likely to come.

Many a hardened raver has been known to come down the stairs, declaring tearfully: “Please, no, I can’t… I’m just not loose enough for that!”

Facial muscle control also becomes an issue

 2. The Lemon Grove

The ultimate school disco, as dire as anything you experienced when you were 17 – apart from the liberal amount of liquid poison that you have consumed before venturing out.

A classic ending to any Saturday all-dayer.

Yeah, I had ten jager shots…sue me!

 1. Walkabout

With the accolade going to Exeter’s favourite (and only) Australian bar and pub, there will certainly be some dissent from hockey and lacrosse members.

Anyone who has experienced the never-ending flow of pints at a ‘Beat the Snakey,’ though, will agree that ‘Walkies’ really is the loosest place around.

<3 Walkabout