Glasses Could Get Banned in Exeter Clubs

After November’s vicious attack in Rococos, councillors believe banning glass in clubs could be the solution.

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After a recent attack in Rococos, which saw a 47 year old viciously being struck with a glass, councillors are now suggesting a ban on glasses in Exeter clubs.

The 47 year old’s eye sight is feared to have been permanently damaged. The victim said, “It was a nasty attack and I still get some double vision in my left eye. My scars have all healed and I am feeling much better in myself.”

Chairman Catherine Dawson said the horrific events gave them “renewed energy” to ensure that glass should be banned from Exeter.

A recent poll revealed that 90% of people were in favour of this ban, as drinking from a plastic cup rather than glass doesn’t affect their night out.

These glasses could become plastic – but shots are still shots!

Dawson said:  “There has been huge support for it and I am not surprised.”

“It was clear that glass bottles and glasses in late-night venues was an issue we should look at. It has been done in other parts of the country with popular campaigns after some fatal incidents in nightclubs.”