Lost Profits for Exeter’s HMV

After the Ian Watkins trial, HMV announces the removal of Lostprophets music from all its stores.

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• Lostprophets music to be removed from all from all HMV stores
• Pressure grows on other music providers to take similar action

Following Ian Watkins’s guilty plea to a number of “deprived” underage sex offences in Cardiff’s Crown Court, all Lostprophets albums are set to be removed from Exeter’s HMV.

According to NME Magazine, staff have been instructed to remove all of the rock band’s singles and albums from store shelves, and their music will be made unavailable online.


Ian Watkins.

Having previously denied the allegations, Watkins, the BBC says,  “accepts he was a determined and committed paedophile.”

Speculation now grows about whether other major music suppliers (such as iTunes and Amazon) will take a similar stance to HMV.

With police investigations still ongoing, Watkins is due to be sentenced on 18th December.