The Tab’s Housing Guide: Vic Street & Springfield Road

The Tab brings you the part two of its inside scoop on Exeter’s key areas for student housing.

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Vic Street and Springfield Road are two of the most popular roads for students to live on after moving out of halls – and quite rightly so!

The area has everything you could possibly need: a pub and a convenience store.

Having The Vic less than a 2 minute walk away means you’re never far away from having that cheeky pint.

Once you’ve seen it off, you can alway nip across the road to Saunders and grab yourself a ready meal to destroy when you get home.

Look how close together they are.

Living on Vic Street or Springfield also gives you the benefit of a sub-ten-minute walk to campus and a sub-fifteen-minute walk to the clubs in town, making it one of the most convenient streets to live on.

Despite being the social hub of Exeter student housing it does come with its downsides.

On Vic Street, house parties and pre-drinks can be heard and seen fairly regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Of course, all these boozers need to go home so expect to hear some loud noises and hilarious drunken conversations long into the small hours.

Maybe not a street for those who like the quiet life

Maybe not a street for those who like the quiet life.

Those who have visited this area before will know that a slum and bin day are pretty much the same thing, with bins often being knocked over by those returning from a night out.

This means the walk to lectures the morning after will occasionally have you hopping over other peoples garbage.

Vic Street and Springfield, then, are not for the shy, retiring types.

However, for those seeking a vibrant social scene in close proximity to pretty much everything, look no further!

Vic Street on a slightly tidier day

Vic Street on a slightly tidier day.