Exeter Club Safari

We trek deep in the wilderness of Exeter’s nightlife.

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I.Ds please guys…


We found clear evidence that humans share genes with monkeys.

Can’t tell if hand cramp or fingering imaginary girlfriend…

‘I don’t belong here’…

‘She just wants us to be closer as a couple.’


The bad side of ‘sharking,’ a ritual popular with nocturnal males.

#wasted #firstjaegerbomb #doilooklikemileynow?

We’re not sure if her earrings are designed to catch her prey or not.

Some females use ‘interesting’ techniques to attract potential mates.

Peacocking: a male sporting bright colours to allure females.

Direct contact with a HERB-ivore.

Sipping on a VK with a sultry stare: a common mating call.

Erm isn’t it a bit late for you to be out on a school night?

Some mammals ‘camouflage’ well. Others? Not so much.