University Challenge Trials Begin

Deep down, you know you want to go for it.

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When it comes to playing Trivial Pursuit or Scattergories, do you fancy yourself (be honest) as a bit of a know-it-all?

If you can name all the capital cities in Africa, or name the largest lake in the UK*, why not take the next step and apply for University of Exeter’s 2014 University Challenge team?

Until 8th November, the first rounds of team trials across the Streatham and St. Luke’s campuses are being run by the Students’ Guild, who hope to gather together sufficient student talent for the shooting of the 2014 series, set to begin next spring.

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The Paxman stare: will you be able to handle it?

VP Academic Affairs Alex Louch says: “University Challenge is one of the most prestigious quiz shows on television and is an opportunity to showcase the talents of our Exeter students.

“The Students’ Guild is holding trials until 8th November and I hope to put forward a strong team for the 2014 series.”

If you want to sign up for the first round of team trials, you can do so via the paper sheets in colleges and Devonshire House or via the Students’ Guild website (click on image below).

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*Northern Ireland’s Lough Neath, just so you know in future.