Five under a Fiver: Halloween Costumes for Boys

Because spooky doesn’t have to be spenny.

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If you’re anything like us guys at The Tab, you will usually wait until the afternoon of the 31st until you realise that a costume is what’s required of a Halloween night out.

Never fear! We’re here with five amazingly cheap, simple and last-minute costumes that could save you in your time of need. You can thank us later.

1. Stu from ‘The Hangover’

Aint nothing like dressing up like a movie star. Of sorts.

You will need:

Chinos, a white shirt (usually you have these already, but, if not, a quick trip to Primark will do the trick), tooth blackener (about a pound from any costume shop), a marker pen to create the Mike Tyson tattoo on your face and dirt.

To top it off, why not stick gel in your hair to give you the look of someone who had too much at the Lemmy the night before?

2. Dog the Bounty Hunter

Add some Duane Chapman to your life.

You will need:

Blonde wig (probably the most expensive thing required of this costume), black trousers, black vest, sunglasses (yes, even indoors), plus anything you can get your hands on that makes you look vaguely militant. Also you may need to plough the gym and get some protein shakes down you (optional).

A truly scary costume, the dog’s coming for you.

3. Zombie Fresher

A twist on the ol’classic.

You will need:

Any old clothes (perhaps a Students’ Guild shirt or F** Me I’m Fresh T shirt) that you can bloody up, face-paint (cheap at costume shops and supermarkets), fake blood to splatter the shirt and your face, an Original Sin lanyard (if you’re Fresh, you probably have this already) and campus maps.

Why not combine the distant look of a zombie with the distant look of your fellow Freshers when asked if they know what Mozzas is?

4. Ron Burgundy

Massive erection not required (unless you think it’s necessary).

You will need:

Hair mousse (for that famously stylish hair), a fake moustache (or you could draw one on), a coloured blazer (to get this cheap, have a hunt around at charity shops or just raid your hipster hosuemates wardrobe), chinos (not quite matching, but does the job), a tie and a suave-looking shirt.

An instantly recognisable costume and a great way to get away with bellowing Anchorman quotes at the top of your drunken lungs.

5. A guy on a rugby social

So you can at least think you’re a big deal for the night.

You will need :

Traditional uniform (ask around your halls): blue shirt, tie, blazer, chinos, smart shoes. Five strawberry VKs in hand (optional).

An extremely scary costume: wear at your own risk.