Overheard: Freshers’ Week Special

Jess Rayner brings you all the latest gossip overheard during Freshers’ Week.

the tab the tab exeter University of Exeter Freshers' Week

It’s that time again! The ears of The Tab Exeter have been buzzing with the wild, wonderful and downright weird things you lovely people have been saying this Freshers Week. 

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Fresher girl outside TP – ‘How do you become a BNOC?’

On Pennsylvania Road during the Tour of Britain – ‘Is Bradley Wiggins the one that looks like a knobhead?’

Frankly, Sir Wiggo does look a little bit like a knobhead in this image.

Group of rah-boys in the Amory study centre – ‘Are you living in a drug dealing house this year?’

Poor boy outside Arena – ‘it was going really well until I told her I was in Moberley. She just walked off…’

Group of people in the Ram casually chatting about their friend’s ‘erection’.

‘Last night I put someone’s dummy in my mouth’. ‘Is that why you’ve got a sore throat?’

Two girls in Arena toilets – ‘I’ve never had this much to drink before! And I had those dodgy fish fingers for dinner…’ ‘YES! But that’s no excuse for being sick down his back’.

Chundering on someone’s back? Let’s hope he didn’t stay in Arena.

‘I couldn’t find my shoes anywhere so I just went home barefoot’.

Boy at the Squash – ‘It’s really annoying that the Waitrose isn’t closer to campus. I have to get a taxi there now!’

‘He was so big I had to stop and have a breather’.

Guy in mustard chinos in the Forum – ‘She’s going to have to come and visit me this year. I wouldn’t be caught dead in Mount Pleasant!’