Albus on Campus

Luke Avery’s Dumbledore outfit wins best costume at Harry Potter Society’s Welcome Banquet.

Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter Society Luke Avery rag Raising and Giving

For all students, dressing up during Freshers’ Week typically entails minimal effort.

This year, however, one University of Exeter society – and one of its members in particular – has completely defied student convention.

For the welcome banquet held by University of Exeter’s Harry Potter Society, Luke Avery, a first year Classical Studies and English student, dressed up as Albus Dumbledore at The Old Firehouse, the alleged origin of The Leaky Cauldron.


Luke before he found his wand and disapparated to Firehouse.

In regard to the society’s social, which was co-hosted with Raising and Giving (RAG), Luke said: “the night was magic, and the great thing about being a wizard is that you don’t need lumos to brighten someone’s day.”

“People would turn around or walk into things at the shock. I almost gave a poor old lady a heart attack when I walked out the front door.”

“It seemed like everyone wanted a picture, and I walked down the street to a chorus of “yer a wizard, Harry!”


With his beard slipping, Luke poses with The Tab’s News Editor, Imi Groome.

When asked about the attention his outfit received, which won the competition for best costume, Luke responded: “It was for charity so it was worth getting dressed up for the wizard’s feast at Firehouse.”

“The reactions of random locals definitely made me feel like a wizard. It almost made up for waiting for the Hogwarts letter that never came!”


Featuring a fearsome-looking werewolf, the Harry Potter Society Committee.