Exeter Freshers’ Week Bucket List

The top 20 things to do this Freshers Week #exefresh

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You’ve heard the stories, trawled the Facebook pages and practiced your downing skills.

However, now that a teary-eyed mum and dad have driven off and you’re actually here, how are you going to make the most of your Fresher’s Week?

Never fear! The Tab is here with a handy little guide to make sure you experience the best of what Exeter has to offer, so you can really make this ‘the best week of your life.’* 

Take pictures of you and your mates completing the bucket list and post them on Twitter with the hashtag #exefresh and you could be featured in our ‘Best of Freshers Week’ article! What are you waiting for?

1. Visit all of Exeter’s best sights for some photos – the cathedral, the Quay, the Arena toilets, your friend in a bush…

2. Flirt your way to free Cheesy Chips at Mega Kebab – it’s doable!

It’s all about the eyes..

3. Halls Bingo – try and get with someone from every halls. Failing that, try and visit as many halls as possible.

4. Try and establish yourself with a new nickname

5. Get into the DJ booth at Rococo’s – photo or it didn’t happen!

6. Survive the Stocker Road hill

How you feel when you FINALLY get to the sports park

7. Convince someone you’re a second year, NOT a fresher

8. Gatecrash a social – the bigger the club, the better!

9. Get enough free stationery from Freshers Fayre to set you up for the year

10. Get to the top floor of Timepiece

If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!

11. Get enough free Original Sin lanyards to weave a small blanket or scarf

12. Work out how you can get into the Lemmy for free (and then rinse and repeat for the next 3 years)

13. Get on Tab TV

14. Make bezzie mates with the staff at the Penny Road Co-op

Who knows? You might get some reduced bread out of it!

15. Go to all 3 Wetherspoons (extra points if you do it in one day!)

16. Resist buying an Exeter University hoodie and wearing it everyday (just for the first few weeks at least!)

17. Dance your way to a free Mozzas jaegerbomb

Though we wouldn’t recommend these moves..

18. Get so much free food and vouchers from taster sessions that you can survive the whole week on freebies


20. Have a ‘perfect week’ – Monday Mosaic,  Cellar Door Tuesday, Timepiece Wednesday, Rococos Thursday, Arena Friday, Lemmy Saturday, boozy Sunday lunch at the Impy

Happy Freshers everyone!

*might not actually be the best week of your life. Soz.