Dish the Dirt on Your Lecturers

What do you REALLY think about your tutor? This new website lets you let rip.

Think your lecturer isn’t up to scratch? Feel you could do a better job of leading your seminars? Well, now is the time to get your own back without the gunge.

Set up by Exeter graduate Michael Bulman, lets you tell the truth about how you feel you’re being taught. The site allows you to rate your tutors out of 10 for their performance in Lectures, Seminars, Feedback, Intranet and Availability as well as commenting on their Pros and Cons as a lecturer.

Comments so far include, ‘very approachable and hugely knowledgeable’ to ‘occasionally went on a tangent’.

The Exeter ‘Top 5’

Disappointingly, only one of our top 5 has made the Nationwide Leaderboard and we currently stand at 14th in the country.

Mr Bulman believes that “the involvement of the students this site could help revolutionize teaching and teaching quality in our universities; ensuring the long term quality of tertiary education increases accordingly to complement the rising cost of education.”

If our lecturers read the Tab, maybe they should check out this site….