Coff it up!

Campus-crawlers queuing for Costa competitor’s coffee

With more bling than an Essex girl’s pelvis, it’s hard to walk through the Forum without noticing the shiny stall that has popped up by the Auditorium.

This is the latest addition to the food & drink outlets made available by the Students’ Guild, AMT Coffee. After a steady start during the holidays, the new term has brought students flocking to the youngest of many coffee shops on Streatham Campus.


Not only are they cheaper than Costa, AMT offers up a wide range of exciting new concepts, like Hibiscus Iced Tea, the many flavoured “Yogushake” and – wait for it – the quadruple shot espresso.

Like the majority of its big-business rivals, AMT Coffee offers Fairtrade coffee beans and organic milk, in addition to a range of snacks and paninis, and some tantalisingly low prices.

The wonderfully-thick espresso milkshake, annoyingly-named “Froffee” puts a fun and energising twist on an old favourite, while the various flavours of Chillers, Milkshakes and “Yogushakes” make AMT a must for everyone revising on campus or catching some sun this term.