Music Department Kicked Out Of Knightley

Beloved, beautiful building being re-purposed

Exeter has one of the biggest extra-curricular music departments in the country, and one of the most beautiful buildings on campus, but they’re soon to be shifted to Cornwall House.

As part of a £1,000,000 project to reform Cornwall House, the music department are being moved closer to campus, but at the cost of their almost century-old building. There will be eight new rooms in Cornwall House reserved for music, as opposed to the single room available there now. The Campus Bands practice room in the Lemmy is subject to daytime sound restrictions, meaning that if those restrictions are still in place after the move, students will have to trek all the way to Kay House to rehearse during the day.

The relocation of the music department halves the amount of space available for rehearsal and other music-related activities, with both Knightley and Clayden being re-purposed for postgraduate space and a new department.

The Guild insists that the move will yield enough space and provide a more modern setting for our musicians. In protest of the move, members of various music societies staged a sit-in last Thursday, dubbed Occupy Knightley. Students used the space to revise and rehearse against the proposed relocation.