Classics Society: Hippolytus

Ryan Barrell rates the Classics Society’s “enthralling and emotional” version of Hippolytus.


The Classics Society took on a big challenge this year, when it chose to put on one of Euripedes’ best-known tragedies. Thankfully, it paid off. The production was both enthralling and emotional.

This classic Greek tragedy sees Hippolytus worship Artemis, much to the disdain of Aphrodite. It goes on to show Aphrodite exacting her revenge on Hippolytus and his regal family.

The show’s highlight came in the form of Flo Venables, whose performance as Phaedra, Hippolytus’ stepmother, was near flawless. Flo’s speeches were emotive and stood in stark contrast to Hippolytus’ weak performance.

Blue-haired bombshell Kirsty Harrod was undoubtedly the star of the chorus, as she brought some much-needed emotion to the black-clad chorus line. Another female star came forth in the form of Becca Stewart. Her performance as Nurse was mesmerising and provided the perfect accompaniment to Phaedra’s breakdown.

Sam Ward must also be praised for his portrayal of Theseus, the heartbroken king who curses his own son. His glory, anger and sadness were portrayed wonderfully.

The musical accompaniment to the show was provided by cellist Felix McKechnie, whose sombre tones encapsulated the atmosphere perfectly.

This low-budget show was brought to life by fantastic acting. A definite recommendation for for classicists and ignoramuses alike.

M&D Room, 7pm, Thursday 28 March